Free Education Guide Benefits

Have you ever seen the many offers online for a free education guide and wondered what they are about? A good quality guides can be very useful to students, parents guardians or anyone wishing to find a school that they could attend and any financial aid.

Here are 10 major benefits of complimenting your research with a downloadable education guide.

1. Large Number of Schools
Be sure to download a guide that has detailed information on at least 1,900 schools and colleges. Also, make sure the guide is downloadable as a pdf file for later review and searching.

2. Step By Step Instructions on Financial Aid.
Government Financial Aid is available. Be sure you can get Step by Step instructions on how to obtain Federal grants; with information on FAFSA, Pell and Stafford Grants as well as other details on obtaining financial aid.

3. Automated Geographic Matching
By entering in your geographic location or preferences along with your areas of interest you should be able to be matched automatically to schools in these areas offering your vocation or choice of study.

4. No Need to Travel or Browse Brochures.
When researching schools, you want to use your mouse, not your wallet and not too much of your time. A high quality guide will provide detailed information on all the schools in the guide; including contact information, addresses, curriculi, subjects offered, teacher bios, fees etc. There is no need to go through hundreds of web sites or review copious numbers of brochures, a high quality guide has all the information in one place.

5. Zero Cost to Student
Do not pay for your guide. The guides are sponsored by schools and colleges and there should be zero cost to the person downloading the guide.

6. Comprehensive Information and Options
A quality guide provides enough information to evaluate a wide variety of options; from top notch colleges to colleges of lesser prestige, a student should get numerous options to choose from. Comprehensive details about every college covered is contained in these guide. Detailed Information such as the address, contact numbers and contact people, subjects on offer and where applicable the specialty of the institution all contained in one place.

7. Find the Right School or Colleges
A good guide will help you pinpoint by geographical location nearby schools or colleges that offer the subject or vocations of your choice and eliminate your need to search through college after college to find a match.

8. Personal Contact
Another great advantage over traditional research; Schools and Colleges in the guide will actually call students back to assist the students in determining whether there is a fit and provide guidance on financial aid and/or grants.

9. A Great Resource for Parents
By having your research information consolidated into a guide can greatly help in the sharing of information with parents, guardians or counselors; simply share the guide as opposed to trying to share tons of information in different formats and places etc.

10. Continuous Updates
What happens when things change. Again having all your research consolidated and performed by a third party ensures that you can be kept abreast of changes get year over year updates.

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